Before filling out this form, please read the terms and agreement that you are making to volunteer with NoVa Rottweiler Rescue:

I understand that becoming a volunteer means being a part of a team effort for the purpose of assisting in saving the lives of the homeless dogs. I also understand that volunteering means assisting with anything that needs to be done to help the homeless dogs, such as fundraising, transporting dogs to and from events, handling dogs, fostering, etc. This does not mean you will be required to foster a dog, however, we do need foster homes badly! (If you can foster a dog there is a foster application to fill out.) I understand that volunteering is not for the purpose of attempting to adopt a dog. I fully agree and understand there is a difference between being a volunteer and applying for a dog. I understand that any final decisions are made by the officers of this rescue and not by the volunteers.

In order for this form to submit properly, you MUST answer the 8 REQUIRED questions, designated by the asterisk (*).

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Do you have any experience with Rottweilers?
Do you currently own a Rottweiler?
Is your dog spayed/neutered?
If not, why not?
If you own a dog is it current on vaccines?
If not, please explain.
Name and phone number of an animal hospital you use or have used in the past:

Rules and Requirements:

At no time will any volunteer bring a dog into the rescue program without the expressed permission of the president and treasurer, no dog is accepted into our program prior to being evaluated by one or more of the officers. Any dog that is rescued by a volunteer without the permission of the president and treasurer is the sole responsibility of the volunteer as far as legal, medical and liable are concerned.


The above statments have been read and understood. The answered supplied herein are truthful and I am ready to make a commitment to volunteer for Northern Virginia Rottweiler Rescue League, Inc.

Please review your answers.  When you are ready to send your application to NoVa Rottweiler Rescue, please hit the SUBMIT button below.  Thank you for taking the time to volunteer your help for our beautiful dogs!