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Success at NoVA Rottweiler Rescue could not be possible without the medical expertise of our Veterinarians. These doctors truly care about the animals they treat and have assisted us with each and every dog we accept into our organization. We pride ourselves on seeing that all of our Rotties receive medical care as soon as they require it. A special thank you to Dr. Nave Dhillon and Dr. Danny Negola for all your assistance with our beloved rescues.

Turkey Foot Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Nave Dhillon
14426 Turkey Foot Rd.
Potomac, MD 20878
(301) 921-8382

Canal Clinic
9125 River Road

Negola's Ark (Veterinary Clinic)
Dr. Danny Negola
9401 Fields Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
(301) 216-0066

Our wonderful vets are not involved in rescue, but they are dedicated to saving lives.

Slater waited a long time, but he finally got the wonderful home he deserved.

Jax got such a wonderful home! He loves people so much and he has plenty to play with all the time. His home is awesome! He is so happy and excited to have the perfect life and we're excited for him too!

Bucky has a new home with just his mom and dad. He is loving life andbeing totally spoiled except for when he wants to inspect mom's flowers for her. She told him anything else is fine but not the garden.

Uno & Shay.
If Nova Rottweiler Rescue had not helped these seniors neither one of them would have made it out of the shelter and into new homes. Please consider a tax deductible donation so our rescue efforts can continue.
Uno is 8 years old. Nova found her a new home with a previous adopter.
Shay is 10 years old. Nova found her a home with a previous adopter.

Milo waited a long time for the perfect home! He settled in perfectly and gets along great with his new brother. His previous owner did not understand this breed and Milo was not treated as he should have been. He is now a happy, grateful lovebug and exactly where he should be. Have a great life Milo!

Roxie and her new family. They all look happy!

Tara got a wonderful home and her new mom is home with her all day. Tara needed a home with someone that does not work fulltime. In her previous home her owners worked all day and she would cry. Now she is happy and she has a big fenced in yard to run and play with her new mom! No more sad, lonely days for her. Have a wonderful life Tara.

Nova Rottweiler Rescue is very happy for this big fella! And Cesar is so very happy in his new home. Cesar will be attending PUPS Dog Obedience School and learning all the things he was never taught before. From Nova to Cesar's new Dad we thank you so much for giving him a wonderful life.

Reba got adopted!!! She is so happy! She has a big brother that totally loves her, And her mom is a veterinarian. This is the part of rescue that keeps us going! Have a wonderful life Reba.

Trish got a great home with a very nice family. She has a nice yard and a stay at home mom! Be a good girl Trish!

Bella has settled in nicely at her new home. She is a very sweet dog that went to a wonderful, very kindhearted guy! We are so very happy for her. Have a great life Bella!

Keida is so happy! Her new mom and dad love her so much! She is hardly ever alone and if she is it is not for long! Have a great life Keida you deserve it.

Ruby's new owner is so happy with her. This is her second dog from Nova.

This is Big, Beautiful Bear. His adopter has come back to to Nova over and over again through the years. This is her THIRD adoption from Nova! Each one of her dogs go to obedience school. What a wonderful home. Lucky Bear!

Carly has so much personality and NoVa Rottweiler Rescue had a lot of fun with her while we had her. She is friendly and loving and loves to show off. She has a perfect home now and she is very happy. That is what we wanted for her.

Honey waited patiently as we decided on the very best home for her.
She lost her previous home due to an unexpected move that would not allow her to go with them. When we got Honey back she grieved and cried. We promised her that her next home would be forever. She is very happy now and has a best friend "Yogi" to play with. Have a wonderful and happy life Honey!

Mason got adopted!!! He is such a perfect puppy and his family is just crazy about him. Here he is with his brand new family. Mason also has a huge basket full of new toys and a big yard to run and play in. Have a wonderful life!

Brook is loving her brand new life with mom and dad, two children, and handsome big Rottie brother "Marcus". This is Brook with her new dad. Brook also enjoys having her picture taken!

Angel got a wonderful new home. Her new mom and dad are just crazy about her. She also has a new big furbrother named "Curly". She is very happy and doing everything she can to please her new mom and dad........except for the things that nosey puppy's do. Her new mom and dad are very experienced with Rottweilers and Angel is fast becoming quite a lady.

Bree never even went on the available dog page because she already had a wonderful home waiting for her. This is Bree with her new mom. She is one lucky dog. Bree lives a fabulous life in a huge house and great big backyard with a female Rottie puppy for a playmate.

Sasha got a great new home. She lives in a beautiful great big house and has a huge fenced yard to run and play in. Sasha also has a new sister to play with. Her new mom and dad are very experienced Rottie owners and have always owned this breed so we know Sasha got the very best home. Have a great life Sasha!

Zeuss got the very best home! His new mom and dad had him spoiled within the first 24 hours of his brand new life. Zuess's previous home didn't have the time to spend with him at all due to the change in their work schedules. He was left alone for 12-14 hours every day and very lonely. He now has 24 hour a day love, and attention. His new mom and dad are home with him. Zuess is happy and totally enjoying his new life.

Well It was love at first sight for Tara's new mom and dad! It took all of five minutes for Tara to be in his lap so we made the necessary arrangements and Tara went to her forever home.

From a Hoarder to a "home".

Roxie is living the life that every dog should have. She has a great new home, lots of toys, and her new mom and dad are just crazy about her.

What a great "Happy Ending" story this has been. Roxie is a wonderful dog that deserves the kind of life she will have now. Good luck sweet Roxie!

Frieda is in her new home. She is totally attached to Chloe, her playmate. They do have their own beds but prefer to sleep together!

Here she is on thier bed, happy, content, and loved very much by her mom and dad!

After many applications for this sweet dog, Bear got adopted to a wondeful home and is doing very well. He has a companion dog to play with and is very much in love with his new mom and dad. He is enjoying all the attention and his huge new backyard that he can run and play in with his toys and his new family.

Have a great life Bear! We are so happy for you!

Nica got a wonderful new home. We had a lot of applications for her but this family was a perfect match. Have a wonderful life Nica!

Buddy got adopted! Maureen, a former volunteer for Nova and her husband, and thier lovely female Rottweiler "Darcy" all fell in love with him.

After months of searching to find the perfect home for Marci, she finally has it. Marci immediately bonded with her new playmate, a gorgeous male Bull mastiff. She has a wonderful big fenced yard and we are blessed to have found such wonderful loving new parents for her. Have a great life Marci girl. We all love you.

This is Harlow in her new home. She is getting lots of love and attention. We are very happy for her!

Keesha (now named Alexis) went to live with her sister Tanya (now named Sasha)! They were sooooo happy to see each other again! And look, they both have their own dad!

Heidi spent close to a year in rescue. Most people wanted a purebred Rottweiler and she was passed over time and time again. This sweet, loving, and very affectionate little dog just won my heart and when Heidi got her forever, perfect home, it was hard to say good bye. But she is very happy and very much loved.

She settled in so well with her new family and has a male companion dog to play with. Her new dad works from home so she gets lots of love and attention. Heidi is finally in a home of her own.

Have a wonderful life my little friend!

Tyson and Breena went to live in a wonderful new home together. They have a great big fenced yard to play in and their new mom and dad are home all day with them too. These two were previously in foster care together and became very attached to each other. Now they have a forever home together.

We just LOVE happy endings!

Two very happy puppies are now in their new home with a VERY happy dad.

Have a wonderful life little ladies!

Here is Tanya in her new home. Tanya 's new dad also works from home so she has him fulltime. She was very happy about her new life from the minute she got there. She went straight for her new toys and raced around her new backyard with a big smile on her face. Dad has a smile too, see?

Shayla also got a new home. She is Mojo's sister. Shayla went to live with a wonderful couple that have been Rottie lovers for many years. They recently lost their best friend so Shayla is working her charm to make them happy again.

Mojo got a great home. He is so spoiled! His new daddy works from home during the day and has lots of time to play with him and he is just loving his new life!

Dawn has a happy ending! Her story of love, trust, and the will to survive has truly touched our hearts. As you can see, Dawn has also touched the hearts of her new mom and dad. These two pictures are what make doing rescue worth all the hard work. This couple got their very first dog from Nova and now have Dawn to make them happy again. Have a wonderful life Dawn. We all love you!

Dutch is one happy boy! Just look at him with his new family! All three have big smiles! Dutch settled right in to his new life and is doing the best he can to be a good puppy and make his new mom and dad proud of him.

Butch is 7 years old and was originally adopted out from Nova at the age of one year. After 6 years of giving his love and loyalty to his owner he was dumped at a shelter. Nova was contacted by the shelter and we went to get our boy Butch out and into foster care. This regal gentleman is now in a wonderful home surrounded by people who just adore him. Butch is also going to be a Therapy dog!

He is in a much better place and is totally loved by his new family.

Jade was surrendered by her owners and within a couple of days she stopped eating or drinking water. Jade was sobbing and grieving so badly for her home that we were afraid she was going to die. She quickly became lethargic and fearing she may be really ill, Jade was rushed to a 24 hour Emergency Animal Hospital for tests to rule out anything medical. As suspected, (after over $400.00) Jade's tests came back normal. She simply lost her will to live. A wonderful couple that was waiting for a dog offered to take Jade. Immediately Jade seemed happy again. She is now living a great life and with all the love and attention she has, Jade is smiling and happy again.

Aside from seeing heartbroken dogs like Jade coming into rescue, Nova does get caught off guard with medical bills such as Jade's. Please consider helping use save these homeless and heartbroken dogs. We never know if they are just grieving or truly sick and we depend on tax deductible donations. It is a matter of life and death!

Raven's new family had already adopted "Buddy", from Nova and they were waiting for us to find them the right female companion for Buddy to play with. They fell in love with Raven immediately and are very excited to have her.

Willis (now Leo) is very smart and learning very quickly, he is doing really well with his new family, the children and his new furfriend "Peaches," a Black Lab.

Chloe got a fabulous new home. She has a wonderful new mom and dad that were totally in love with her from the minute she arrived.

This was such a perfect match for the entire family. They are all VERY happy.

Chloe's new best friend is a tiny Yorkie! Chloe has a huge fenced yard to play in and has a really great home!

Detour is one big, sweet, goofy puppy that could put a smile on anyone's face! His new dad is a previous adopter and volunteer with Nova. He was heartbroken when he lost his previous dog to Cancer but now, as you can see, he is smiling again.

Freida got adopted to a wonderful family and has two other dogs to play with. She was happy from the moment she got there. This is the first time she and her sister have ever been separated but she has such a wonderful home and so much attention she isn't looking back. You can actually see Freida smiling! We hope her sister Heidi will find the same love with a family and another dog so she too and begin her brand new life.

On January 24th, 2009 Dylan began his brand new life with his new mommy. His story will break your heart but he has a wonderful happy ending now!

The beginning of Dylan's puppy life was nothing but starvation, (6 months old and 37 lbs.), neglect and obvious beatings. But he never lost his will to live despite the ongoing neglect at the shelter and despite the vet that gave up on him without trying to save him. Once he got to our vet, who didn't think he would live through the night, Dylan surprised everyone. Four days later he was out of the hospital and Nova began the job of getting him healthy. He never gave up.

Our sweet Remi went to his new home. His new mom has adopted from Nova for the past twenty years. We were so happy that Remi was going to live with her. As you can see everyone here has a big smile, including Remi!

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