Success Stories

Skylar got adopted! He has a wonderful home with his new playmate, a Rottie mix Named "Rosa". Here he is with his new mom and brother. Skylar definitely has a big happy grin on his face!

This is Ollie. He is being adopted by Brittany's family. Brittany met Jesus face to face on Oct 15th, all the while sharing her big beautiful love. Ollie is going to be her little brother and help her keep sharing her love. Brittany is beside them, guiding all the way. They are all so happy to have Ollie, now called Bro Bro for Brittany's brother.

Our adorable little female puppy "Shelley" went to her new home. Affectionately now known as "Shelley SugarBear". The big boy beside her "Otto" was also adopted from Nova a few years ago.

This is Bailey, the other female puppy with her new mom and her new furkid brother. Bailey's foster home had other dogs for her to play with. Bailey has always lived with other dogs and we really wanted a home that had a companion dog for her. Have a good life Bailey!

After all Mira had been through, losing her home, losing some of her babies, and saying good bye to the person that saved her life, she finally found a loving home. Mira never lost her faith in humans and always had a smile on her face. She has a new home now with a couple that previously adopted from Nova. Have a wonderful life Mira, you deserve it!

This is Brady with his new mom and dad. He has a huge backyard at his new home and a furfriend to run and play with. We hope he will be very happy and have a wonderful life.

Porky was a big hit in his new home! His family is so excited to have him.

These are the "welcome to the family" pictures, and a very happy puppy!

Bailey is one of the female puppies from the Mira's litter. She was adopted by this wonderful family that previously had a dog from Nova. When their previous dog passed at the age of 12 years old, they came right back to Nova for another puppy. Looks like Bailey has made this family very happy again!

This is Ace, 11 weeks old. He is also one of Mira's puppies. He went to his new home. This couple has adopted from Nova before and came back to us for this sweet little boy.

Porsche is one of Mira's puppies. Here she is with her new family. The puppies are now 11 weeks old and the adoptions are starting. This sweetie was the first.

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