Success Stories

Marissa got adopted to a perfect home. She loves her new family and they love her just as much. This is a great picture of all her new family members. We will be hoping to get many more. We are very happy for her. Have a great life Marissa!

Wow! Zack sure got adopted fast! But no big surprise. Look at how handsome he is and along with his looks, Zack is sweet, very smart, and very affectionate. This wonderful couple waited until they had the quality time to get a dog from Nova and now they are totally happy with their new boy. I am sure Zack is loving his new life!

Our adorable little "Lilly" finally got a perfect home. Lilly waited for a long time to be adopted because she is a mix and people passed her up time and time again. Too bad no one realized what a smart, well socialized, and affectionate little lady she is. She has a great home now and her new mom and dad are just crazy about her.

Scooby got adopted! This adorable little lady went home with one of our previous adopters. He lost his girl "Paige" to Cancer and Scooby has put a smile on his face again! We are very happy for the both of them.

Sandi got a new home! She is doing very well with her new family and her new best friend "Buttons". Look how happy she is! What a big smile.

Toby is VERY happy! When Nova rescued him he was close to losing his life at a high kill shelter after being dumped by his previous owners. But he has a wonderful home now. His new mom is there during the day to play with him and in the evening he has all the love and belly rubs any dog could ever want from both mom and dad. Have a great life Toby. You deserve it!

Paris got adopted! She LOVES her new home. Her new mom is home during the day and even though dad works during the day he still takes Paris for a nice long walk three times a day. As you can see Paris has a beautiful big fenced yard to play in with her mom. Just look at the gorgeous flowers behind Paris in this picture!

Chloe was one of 3 twelve week old puppies found freezing to death in a vacant barn. One of her sisters found a home so Chloe and her other sister came to Nova. Here is Chloe with her new family. Chloe was a very shy, scared dog but her new family had previous experience with shy dogs. Chloe is doing very well now and is very happy.

...This just in...Here's our Girl with her new family! This has got to be one of the cutest family photos we have ever seen!!!

Millie was the last female puppy left from our gorgeous litter. She went to her new home with a dad that has lots and lots of Rottie expereince. Millie will have a perfect life with her new dad. He works from home and can take her wherever he goes.

Scout also got a wonderful home. This baby boy won the heart of our volunteer and there was no doubt that he was staying with her forever.

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