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Come Volunteer With US!

NoVa Rottweiler Rescue is always in need of dedicated volunteers to help transport dogs to and from the rescue events! Typically events are held on Saturdays and generally occur between 12:00 noon and 6:30 p.m. Reliable transportation and handler help is invaluable to our organization and is the BEST way to introduce our available dogs to potential adoptors. Read our Volunteer Application, our Transport Application, or submit our online volunteer application to begin helping our cause immediately!

Urgent Need: NoVA is searching for Foster Homes

Nova Rottweiler Rescue is seeking foster homes for homeless Rottweilers. We are looking for foster homes in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Due to the housing foreclosures, the economy, and the usual reasons people give up their dogs, Nova is seriously in need of additional temporary housing (foster homes) in order to save dogs that are trapped in shelters and literally sitting on death row.

How does it work? Nova will take the dog into our program, evaluate the dog, temperament test the dog, and address any obvious health issues prior to the dog going to a foster home. We also spay/neuter, and microchip each dog. All the foster home needs to do is supply the food and a little love and attention until a permanent home can be found. It's that easy! The rescue does all the hard work.

Experience how good it feels to know that because of YOU a homeless dog will have a second chance for life. Please fill out our foster home application.

NoVa Rottweiler Rescue League Foster Application

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Rally to Rescue

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Donate a Kuranda Dog Bed to our rescue!

Please consider purchasing a Kuranda dog bed for our rescue so that we may provide comfort to the dogs we are nursing back to health. We need these beds for injured dogs, dogs recovering from Heartworm treatment, and older dogs that have aching bones. If you are able to purchase one of these beds for donation, please follow the link below. Thanks!

Donate a Bed We use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us, click here.

Before you decide to surrender your pet, please read the following story....

How Could You?

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Adopt One of Our Rescued Rottie's! Visit our Available Dogs Page!

Rescuing a homeless animal is the best feeling on earth. If you could only see the pain in their eyes, you would know how it feels to be desperate and alone. Do your part, choose to save one, rather than buy one. Help the homeless ones have good future in this life, and the next. Read more about The Rescuer and the Rainbow Bridge...

For information on adopting or fostering a Rottweiler contact:

Judy Marion
Northern Virginia Rottweiler Rescue
PO Box 1777
Germantown, MD 20875

Our hours to inquire about rescue related issues are between 9:00AM and 9:00PM ONLY.

Sponsor a Rottie!

If you can't foster or adopt you can still help! Why not sponsor one of these sweet Rotties? Your generous donation can help us feed and care for these Rotties while they are waiting to go to their future homes. You may choose to sponsor a particular dog or any Rottie in our program that needs help.

NoVA Rottweiler Sanctuary Fund

Nova Rottweiler Rescue League has been around for the past twenty-two years. We began as a rescue that only covered Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland. But, as the years went by and many other rescues folded, we became just about the only rescue for this noble breed. Our financial situation has became stressed over the years as our foster homes (no matter how many we have) could never seem to save all the unwanted Rottweilers. Because of the fact that a few shelters do not adopt Rottweilers to the general public, and the one’s that do are usually packed with them, many innocent Rottweilers continue to die in shelters all over our region. No matter how hard we try to save as many as we can, we cannot keep up with the amount of dogs that are being abandoned, mistreated, and over bred. Our dream is to one day have a sanctuary just for Rottweilers! A place for the old, the abused, and the ones that for some reason no one will adopt, as well as a larger place for our homeless adoptables. We hope that someday our dream will become a reality and allow us to save Rottweilers from other areas as well. This is a wonderful dream, but without the ability to purchase land and have a facility to shelter these dogs, this will always be … just a dream. Please consider a tax-deductible donation towards our cause. We save so many wonderful dogs, but there are so many others that will still die without your help. Please enable us to make our dream of having a Rottweiler Sanctuary become a reality. Their lives, their future, and their chance to find a forever home depends on you.

Help us, help them... We desperately need a facility to house our rescues after the foster space runs out...Click on the link below and reference the Sanctuary Fund in your donation description. Thank You.

Wish List:
NoVa Rottweiler Rescue League, Inc. could use the following items to help care for the Rottweilers while they are waiting to go to their new homes.

Dog Bowls for Food & Water
Dog Collars (all sizes)
Dog & Puppy Food
Dog Beds
Dog Toys
Dog Crates (all sizes)
Dog Shampoo
Dog Treats

Vitamins, Minerals & Health Food Supplements Needed:

(Please purchase directly from the link below as a portion of the sales will also be donated to our rescue!)

When making your purchase, please enter "jmresq" in the coupon code at the checkout to indicate where the donation should be sent!

We Need:

A GALLON of Salmon oil; Astragalus oil (not tablets we need the liquid OIL); Vitamin E capsules (400 IU).

Buy Your Pets Medications From 1-800-PET-MEDS

Support NVRRL! Buy Frontline Plus and pet medications today! Please enter NVRRL at checkout so we receive credit or Call 1-800-738-6337 and Mention: "NVRRL".

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