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This beautiful plate was sold in March to support the rescue. Two more are available, and with next will be auctioned in April. Check back later this month.
Rottie plate

NoVa Rottweiler Rescue League, Inc. is dedicated to helping homeless, lonely dogs have a second chance in life. Nova Rottweiler Rescue only adopts into Northern, VA and the MD metro area.

You can help Nova on EBAY too! Everytime you bid or shop make sure you choose us for your favorite charity.
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Please consider a generous contribution to Nova Rottweiler Rescue. Too many of them are homeless, sitting in shelters. Most of them will never walk back out the doors! Without your help we cannot give them the second chance they deserve. Most shelters do not have the staff necessary to care for so many animals. As a result they are in danger of euthanasia.

You can donate through Paypal (below) or send a check to our mailing address:
Nova Rottweiler Rescue
PO Box 1777
Germantown, MD 20875

Urgent Need: NoVA is searching for Foster Homes

Nova Rottweiler Rescue is seeking foster homes for homeless Rottweilers. We are looking for foster homes in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Due to the housing foreclosures, the economy, and the usual reasons people give up their dogs, Nova is seriously in need of additional temporary housing (foster homes) in order to save dogs that are trapped in shelters and literally sitting on death row.

How does it work? Nova will take the dog into our program, evaluate the dog, temperament test the dog, and address any obvious health issues prior to the dog going to a foster home. We also spay/neuter, and microchip each dog. All the foster home needs to do is supply the food and a little love and attention until a permanent home can be found. It's that easy! The rescue does all the hard work.

Experience how good it feels to know that because of YOU a homeless dog will have a second chance for life. Please fill out our foster home application.

Tribute Video about the importance of Rescue !

Please watch this wonderful video made by Stombaugh Productions to reinforce the necessity of rescue efforts to save homeless animals. A special thanks to Jeany for her kind heart and true dedication to our cause.

Thanks to generous donations from wonderful people all over the United States, the Ohio puppies are doing quite well. You can view their success stories on our Success page.

The Rescue League has a mandatory spay/neuter contract agreement.
  • All dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption.
  • The adoption fee for adult dogs older than 1-year is $300.00. The adoption fee for puppies 1-year old and under is $350.00.
  • We do not adopt out aggressive dogs or dogs to be used for protection.
  • NoVa Rottweiler Rescue only adopts dogs into the Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC metropolitan area.
  • Please understand that while we would like to address each application as quickly as possible, we do not have paid employees, we are only staffed by volunteers. Applications are not processed in any order. We do our best to get to each one within two weeks of receiving it. We ask that you be patient as we do often have a lot of applications and we do take more then one application on each dog.

These are family members only. If you think you might like to adopt one of our Rottweilers, please fill out our Adoption Application.

We are a non-profit organization (501)(c)(3). All donations are tax deductible.

Read about NoVa Rottweiler Rescue League.

Please help the homeless and lonely dogs that have lost their families because:
it grew too big,
it is too friendly,
it sheds,
it barks,
too much work,
we just had a baby so dog must go,
some dogs have just gotten lost,
people move and leave dog behind,
don't have time for it.

These are some of the reasons that dogs become homeless. Please help save a life by adopting from a rescue.

If you would like to help NoVa Rottie Rescue or are interested in finding out more about our available dogs please contact
Judy Marion at

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You can purchase dog food at Amazon and have it shipped directly to us. Simply click on the Amazon smile link above. When you log in, you can order this dry dog food from our wish list. It will be delivered directly to our rescue. Thank you!

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