Hurricane Katrina Rottie Comes To NoVa To Find His Rightful Owners...


"River" is one of the Rotties that was rescued during hurricaine Katrina. He has found his way to NoVa by some caring individuals that want to help him search for his family. Although he is trying to smile, this big guy is sick, and very sad.

As you can see from the pictures below, River had gone a considerable amount of time without food. His rescuers believed that he was alone at least two weeks without food or clean water to drink. River has also become sick as a result of the conditions that left him homeless during the storm. River is heartworm positive, anemic, has a urinary tract infection, upper respiratory problems, and of course is emaciated. Although he is not feeling well, River still wags his tail and tries to smile.

River's recovery will take a very long time. Even though it only took a couple of weeks to make him as sick as he is, it may take months to make him healthy again. Unfortunately, River must be healthy before he can begin the heartworm treatment he desperately needs.

We have no idea how old River is, but we do know that his is housebroken, crate trained, and very friendly to people and female dogs. Once he completes his heartworm treatment, NoVa will have him neutered. We anticipate that River will need to stay with NoVa for several months until he is well again.

There is a definate sadness in River's face. There is no doubt that he misses his home and his family very much. We hope they can be united again soon.

There are many dogs from this terrible storm that rescue organizations have taken in and are caring for. All of them are in need of medical attention and nutrition. Please contribute to the charity of your choice.

Updates as of ...

October 17, 2005 - River is slowly gaining some weight and getting healthy. Today River started his heartworm treatment. He is a big boy that is very affectionate and so grateful for some good food and a home to live in during his road to recovery. He is great with female dogs and just loves all people. He is housebroken and with a little basic obedience, River will be a perfect gentleman. To date, River is still homeless. We can tell that this big boy was loved by someone. With everyone he meets, he seems to be looking for someone. He loves car rides but needs a lot of leash work. It is our goal to get River back into a happy home again, whether with his previous owner, or a new one.

November 14, 2005 - River will be at the vet today getting neutered and his heartworm treatment. We hope this will be his last trip to the vet and from today on he will look forward, patiently waiting for life in a happy home once again. River is otherwise healthy and housebroken, a true gentleman wanting just to be loved.

River's family never contacted us so we are now accepting applications for him. He is looking for a home with a female dog or a home all to himself. He will make someone a great companion once he completes basic obedience school. River is very freindly to everyone he meets and loves car rides. He does need a lot of leashwork. He is strong and pulls when walked. This gentle giant is extremely lonely so we hope his forever home will be found soon. If you have the quality time to devote to this fella who has been through so much heartache, please fill out our online application.

November 20, 2005 - It is with a very heavy heart that we must announce that our beloved River is no longer with us. Due to the contaminated waters of New Orleans where he was found, combined with severe Heartworm infestation he lost his life. River died November 20th, 2005. We will miss this gentle, sweet boy very much. View his memorial.

Fly high with bright silver wings and know we loved you.