Mira Sky Creedy
2008- August 21, 2013

(Adopted in 2008)

Our precious girl. Sky, will always have a special place in our hearts. After a tough beginning of being a puppy mill momma and escaping to finding her place at NOVA Rescue, it was a joy to bring her into our family. She loved giving kisses and making us laugh. Her wiggle-butt and love for life and family will always be remembered.

Thank You,
Christina and Tim Creedy

Oct. 2006 to January 11, 2013

"Calvin came into my life in October 2006 and was the best friend and companion that a person could ever hope for. Calvin passed away on 1/11/2013. He was a friend to all, a true ambassador of his noble breed, but above all else a kind and gentle soul. I will love and miss my best friend forever. So many thanks to Northern Virginia Rottweiler Rescue League for caring, protecting and finding loving homes for such loving and deserving friends. A special thanks to Judy for her love and dedication in making sure that every needy animal finds a warm and loving home."

God Bless,
Max Mounger

Memphis aka Spencer
Sept. 16, 2007 to July 12, 2012

"He was the right dog at the right time. He welcomed the birth of both our daughters and gave them all the love they could handle. He stayed long enough to help us through the passing of Shiloh before being called home himself. He left too soon but we'll see him again just ahead of the rainbow bridge."

In loving memory,
Erick and Kelly Mullen

Serendipity April 2003 - February 2012

Our wonderful friend Serendipity. Oh how we will miss your playful bark and the wiggle of your tail.

Thank you for letting Serendipity be a part of our family.

Patty and Ellie Johnson

K'Ehleyr Ghaussy (1996 - 2010)

My sweet K'Ehlyer, my tough, beautiful and loyal companion,

When you entered my life, I immediately loved you. I needed exactly two minutes to know this, and once you were my dog, my bond with you only deepened. You were better than anything I could ever have wished for. You came as an old soul, wise, giving and patient, my pride and joy. When I rescued you, I promised: "now, the good life starts," and I think I made good on that promise. Though you were in pain from the moment I got you, you still loved every day of your life and every one of your many vets. You were happy and lived your long life always near me. You swam in the Baltic ocean, the North Sea, the Atlantic and the Pacific. You ran your heart out in forests and mountains, the prairie and the marshes of two continents. You had many four and two-legged friends and you loved to give everyone your hearty sloppy doggie kisses. You even survived lymphoma a full year after diagnosis, that's how much you loved life. 14 years of life. It is a good age, and when we had to let you go, you trusted that we were doing the right thing for you. You looked us in the eye and then went in your obedient, loving and peaceful way. We are heartbroken. You were a big presence in our lives and your loss leaves a huge hole in it.

Like us, people have been mourning the death of their pet since the domestication of animals. About 2200 years ago, someone inscribed a gravestone with an epitaph whose sentiment I think you would agree with:

Laugh not at this poor dog's grave
For my master loved me well
And buried me here with his own hands

We have you with us always, my puppy, you and your big heart, you who filled our world with beauty and care. I promise I will do my best, flawed and human that I am, to continue your legacy of unconditional giving so that your spirit will live on in the happiness of other creatures.

I will remember you always. Your "Dog-ma" Soheila

Kaya Boo Richardson

Bosley Reuter

Adopted July 2000 - May 29, 2010

Bos, I'm glad we had our decade together and that my house became your forever home. You were loyal, brave, and noble - and always there for me during good times and bad. Grant and I will miss your sweet face and companionship. Your paw prints will always be on my heart.

Andy Reuter

Molly Bolas

July 28, 1996 - August 20, 2009

Molly was a wonderful companion. Although we tend to remember her for her gentle, laid back nature and affection to all, we should not forget her more playful puppy days. This includes the time she jumped through the closed window to chase a squirrel (thankfully she was completely unhurt).

Molly is much missed by Jon and Caroline and her "brother" Trevor.
Love you Molls!

Kt's What in the Sam Hill

August 1997 - November 2009

Alex's Angel Von Vrindavan

December 1998 - September 2009

Both of these wonderful creatures will be missed by family and friends.
They were a tribute to the greatness of the Rottweiler breed.
Their spirits have left their earthly bodies and they wait for us in a better place!

Carol Asta Lynch

August 19, 1947 - August 13, 2009

Loving and Devoted Mother, Sister, and Friend.

Carol w/Riley

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Memorial Donations Have Been Made By:

Helene Faria, Dean E. Simonds and Mary O. Simonds JTWROS, Leigh McClellan Weed, Karen Liu,
Bill & Dana Lynch, Karen J. Lynch


Adopted March 30, 2002 - June 20, 2009

I adopted Peaches at 18-months-old from Nova Rescue and she has been the joy of my life. Because of her, I got involved in rescue and together we saved many, many lives during the past 7 years and always opened our home and hearts to those less fortunate. Peaches knew what it was like to be left at a shelter.

Peaches started battling an unknown disease that contniually reduced her ability to walk until she no longer could get up. With her last breath she gave me her last Rotti g-r-r-r-r and left me with wonderful memories.

Good bye my sweet girl. Thank you for being with me through all the rough times. You left behind many human friends who will miss you but not as much me. I will always love you and keep you close to my heart.

Very much missed by mommy Paula, and her siblings Skylar, Bala, Puddin, Callie, Rosie and Duchess

Reggie Cromwell

Adopted February 9, 2008 - April 24, 2009

We are heartbroken over the loss of Reggie because he was so very dear to both of us. We spent a lot of time with him, and he went for a lot of runs with me both in our neighborhood and out in the woods, and we both spent a lot of time playing with his toys with him. He would make us laugh and laugh because he loved to play so much - when I would see him run, it was so totally joyfully. When Reggie ran, it was such a complete physical experience - he just committed every muscle and hair and his whole heart to /running/. And he was the same with playing with his toys, and with eating, and with sleeping on his pillow. Whatever he did, he did it completely.

Our house is so sad without him, and I can't believe we had him for so short a time, because he became so central to our lives so quickly. As you can see in his pictures, he was gorgeous and proud.

When I would take him to the park, everyone we met commented on how sweet he was (he loved to lick a new person's hand and then put the top of his head down and lean it into their belly like he "Needed" his neck and ears rubbed and how well behaved (we went through training twice and Reggie was so good at doing whatever I asked - his heel in particular impressed everybody) and how handsome he was (and he was one good-looking dog).

I hope that Reggie's memory will bring some support to other great dogs who need homes and can offer the kind of love to their people that Reggie brought to us.


Seth & Danika

A memorial donation was made in Reggie's name by Patricia & Richard Werner.

Ruby Goure-Vasilakos

Adopted 2007 - March 31, 2009

Ruby entered our lives at a time of great stress and sorrow. She left having seen us through our time of troubles. Over those two years we had the gift of her love and devotion. She had a family who adored her. There must be a special place in heaven for a dog who suffered as much as she had at the hands of people and could still give her love and trust to those of us who cared for her.

Ruby lost her battle with Cancer on March 31, 2009

We love you Ruby,

Dan Goure & Louise Vasilakos

Deborah Johnson Stewart

November 10, 1969 - March 1, 2009

(Adoptive Parent of Marla)

Loving Daughter, Wife, and Mother to both 2 legged, and 4 legged alike.

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Memorial Donations Have Been Made By:

Paul Booth, William Stewart, SSG c/o Marilou Lim, Hilda M. Stoms, Edgar R. Stoms, Frances H. Sims, Judith A. Reigel, Marsha S. Klessel

Sasha Marion

Rescued 1996 - 2009

When you were only 7 months you came to me one day
Another homeless puppy that needs a place to stay
It wasn't long before I knew we'd never be apart
Then years went by, things would change, some easy, some were hard
But through it all one thing remained, you were always in my heart
The homeless ones, they came and went, you showed them all the way
Don't be scared you let them know, things are going to be ok
And I would always talk to you when life seemed to make me sad
And as with all the homeless ones, you made me happy once again
Then you grew old and I was scared, having shared so many years
And then one day you looked at me and I saw what I had feared
You wanted me to let you go, this was going to be so hard
You kissed my hand and said goodbye, forever in my heart.

Goodbye Sasha, Your mommy misses you.
Judy Marion

Eden Marion

Rescued February 23, 2006 - October 5, 2007

Eden was rescued at the age of 5 years old on 2/23/2006
and she died from Cancer on 10/5/2007

When you see a dog that climbs inside your heart
You both fall in love, and the bonding starts
A dog whose life was nearly over then
You give back her hope to try and live again
All the time you spend like a priceless gem
Until suddenly, it comes back again
That look on her face, just trying to say
Don't grieve for me now, I must go away
You've shown me love and gave me a home
But I must be brave as you leave me alone
I'll love you still, as you will love me
We’ll both cherish all of our memories
Just remember the dog that climbed inside of your heart
You showed me what life should have been from the start
Our time was too short, just a couple of years
"Eden My Lady," has left me in tears.

I never thought I would love you so much or lose you so soon.
Judy Marion

Phoenix Lewellen

Adopted June 2000 - January 2, 2009

Phoenix was found as an 8-week old puppy tied up in a shopping cart outside of a Petsmart in Atlanta, Georgia, with a note attached that said simply "I have parvo. Please save me or I will die." He got his name because just when we thought he wasn't going to make it, he pulled through at the last minute and beat the parvo, just like the mythical bird rising from the ashes. He went on to love us and care for us and protect us (even if we didn't need protecting) for the next 8 1/2 years.

We lost him unexpectedly to a cancerous tumor on his spleen on January 2, 2009. We have several other cats and dogs in the house, but it just feels really empty right now without the one with the biggest heart there.

Matt Lewellen, Kyle Holland and Jason Livingston


~1996 - December 4, 2008

Ceasar was the best dog we have ever had. We loved him dearly and miss him very much.
We love you Ceasar.

Larry and Susan Johnson


Rescued - December 12, 2008

Bud was found walking down the street by himself with no collar and suffering from malnutrition. He had two sisters, Sadie and Charlie and one baby brother, Sam. He took his responsibility as the man of the house very seriously. Anyone coming into the house was treated to his very loud, gruff bark(even though it was all for show). He loved everyone and his favorite thing was to chase his ball around the yard. He passed away on December 12, 2008 due to bone cancer and although he was in considerable pain he never let it show. His absence will be missed for years to come by his owners, Jenny and Nik.


Adopted April 21, 2004 - October 15, 2008

On October 15, 2008, our beautiful Brittany met Jesus face to face. God was very kind to us, and she was able to share her big beautiful love right on through. She was able to give kisses to her wonderful, kind vet and all his kind, loving staff. And she was able to look into the eyes of her mama and brother with such amazing big love all the way through. We know she is still with us, and God continues to assure us of that many times over. We are so thankful for that. And she continues to share her love through her puppy brother Bro Bro-short for Brittany's brother, who we got for just that purpose. We are all so thankful to have him. And when anyone looks at Bro Bro, they can know that Brittany is right beside.

We thank God for our Brittany, and all the love she has brought, and continues to bring to us. She is a special, special Rottie girl that God made just for us.

We deeply miss being able to see our girl face to face right now, and to touch her beautiful soft coat. But we know one day we will be able to do so again, and we thank God for that hope that we have in Christ.

Thank you Jesus for our beautiful Brittany. And thank you NOVA Rottweiler for getting our beautiful girl to us. And thank you for continuing to love and care about our Brittany over the years.

Here is a poem Miss Judy wrote for us:

From Brittany-

It's my moment in the sun

Watch me fly above the trees

As I look at you and smile

See me shining through the leaves

I will always be with you

In your heart with every beat

I took our look into the sky

We'll keep it for eternity


July 19, 1982 - April 13, 2008

(Rescue Volunteer)

Memorial Donations Have Been Made By:

AFDIL Friends of Lindsay Harvey


Adopted December 2002 - September 30, 2008

Sadie had a huge heart and lots of love once she finally found someone that would love her back. She will be remembered as the playful, defending, loyal, energetic, lovable Rottie she was. She will be in our hearts forever.


Adopted 2002 - March 9, 2008

She was an extremely loving dog and a kind spirit who is and will be dearly missed. There is not much I can elaborate on other than we loved her and gave her the best home we could. She fought as hard as she could and never once 'whimpered' about any of her ordeal.

With all our love 'zoey bones', we will miss you and think of you daily! Thanks for being part of our lives.


June 2002 - February 2008

To my Riley Joseph:

You touched so many hearts and souls in your short life. Yes it was short, too short. Without you I never would have met my dear friend Lisa and your Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bob. You always had a smile and such a sweet kiss my sweet Riley Joe. I have such an empty space in my heart right now without you. Not only have I lost you, I've lost the special connection to your brother Dozer. I miss you so much my sweet boy I don't think the heartache will ever go away. I will bring your ashes home and put you in a special place where you can be back home with all your brothers and sisters who miss you so much too. There is not a day that goes by that I wonder if I did the right thing, wishing I'd never put that blanket in your crate because if I didn't you'd still be here with us.

Run and play my sweet boy and find your brothers, sisters and momma who are at the bridge. God speed my little Turkey Boy and I hope to see you when I cross over, please be there waiting for me.

I love you and miss you my baby boy.

Love your mom,



1996 - 2005

Our sweet Amber (Rottie/German Shepherd) passed away totally unexpectedly on Valentine's Day 2005. She and her sister Delta were our first "children" and Judy couldn't have picked more gentle or loving (though ferociously protective) girls for us. When our first daughter, Jillian, was born in 1999, Amber immediately became her second mother. In 2002, our second daughter Anna arrived, quickly followed by our son William in 2003. Amber patiently watched over our three small children tirelessly. Dogs can be infinitley more patient than humans. People would ask, "aren't you worred about having such a big (codeword for dangerous Rottweiler) dog. Absolutely not!

She was never afraid and showered with love her entire life. She wasn't spoiled too much and clearly knew her "pack" loved her, needed her and included her in everything. She taught our children (and reminded us) that all animals have souls.

We could only stand two weeks after her death before we asked Judy to find a "replacement." Though we could never replace Amber, Jasper (our new Rottie boy) took the edge off of our pain and has become our children's "BIG" brother.

Amber will always be the benchmark of what a great family member should be. We miss her sorely and talk about her often. She is often in all of our dreams and we are convinced that she is still watching over us. Thank you Amber for sharing your life with us.

John, Lisa, Jillian, Anna & William Ratnavale


December 23, 1997 - November 14, 2007

To our beloved baby boy, Cass (a.k.a. Boo-boo, Bumblebear, and Fatty Arbuckle):

You were an imperfect dog.

You had bad hips and preferred to be lifted or carried whenever Daddy had the strength to lift your 120 lbs. Even though you knew we loved you, you still were jealous of any dog that came into your sight. You always tried to get our attention with 'whisper barking' right at the moment we were too busy to pet you. If we didn't immediately stop what we were doing, the whisper barking progressed to irritating whining. You loved to sunbathe on the deck so that your black wavy fur was too hot to touch. You considered every door bell ring, visit from BGE reader, cat wandering on our lawn, neighbor's barbeque, and piece of paper or plastic bag that flew too close to the house as being of equal importance and danger. You always ate too fast so that you burped up something on the carpet. If you didn't think we fed you enough (which was every day), you supplemented your diet with (red clay) mud and scary looking things found on your walks. These also sometimes ended up on our carpet. You insisted on mounting bushes to tinkle so that pee ended up everywhere. When you didn't want to obey our commands, you just looked away.

But you were a perfect companion and soul mate.

Your soulful eyes and constant desire for physical contact brought us comfort over the last eight years. In spite of the occasional barking, you were a very peaceful presence. We still remember with a smile on our faces when you would run around the kitchen island with your ears at half-mast in anticipation of going for a walk. We loved the way you would sit at our feet in the family room and keep our feet toasty warm. Our home felt safe, even though we knew that a burglar would have to ring the doorbell to wake you up. At the end we learned that you must have had been in great pain for quite a while, but you still tried to get better and be with us.

Our home is very cold and empty without you, and our hearts are heavy. We miss you dearly and wish you could come back.

We love you, Cass.

Daddy and Momma (Reinhard and Heidi Schmidt)


January 14, 1995 - October 24, 2007

Samson was my first Rottweiler and from a pup to his adult years he never ceased to amaze me with his ability to get into almost anything. I had to put a locking door knob on the pantry because he learned to open the door and enjoy quite a feast of goodies from time to time! Sammy loved everyone he met and no problem displaying the “wiggle butt” at the drop of a dime. Sammy will always hold a special place in my heart and I will never forget the bond we shared. Goodbye buddy, you will be missed.


Sam Hill Solomon

August 12, 1998 -October 21, 2007

I've had Sam since he was 6 weeks old. Not a day went by that he didn't think he was a lap dog, from his mere 7lb. puppy weight to tipping the scales at 124 full grown. You sat on the ground, he came and sat on you.

Fall was his favorite time of year. He could sit outside all day long enjoying the cool autumn breeze and watching all the excitement around him. Every window has his nose prints. He was always so worried he was going to miss something.

He had so many nicknames: Good Boy, Wet Nose, Big Head, Stinky Dog, and Buddy to name a few. His favorite treats were Frosty Paws and pig ears and he could sure drink gallons of water.

He had overcome burned corneas, 2 TPLO knee surgeries, and a burst cyst. Ultimately the complications caused by osteosarcoma in his rear bone halted his excretory system.

He led the life of a king and was loved by everyone.

I loved him more than anything and will miss him so much!

Sandi Solomon


1999 - 2007

Murphy came to our family at nine months old. He brought so much joy and entertainment to our lives. Murphy, I knew when Daddy left us in January that you would not be far behind. I know that the two of you are together again, playing with the rope and laying on the floor next to each other. I miss you terribly, but I know that you are now safe and happy once again with Daddy.

Lorri Mas


October 1997 - September 10, 2007

Roxie was my first Rottie. She was a true friend with unmeasurable devotion to me that i'm certain will be hard to find again...if ever. She loved to go "bye-bye" in her truck and was the queen of all couch potatoes. I still walk in my rv and expect to see her laying on it. She always met me at the door with her nub wiggling. Grandma would always get a "happy dance" at dinner while I was on deployment and Grandpa was sure to have company in the yard while he burned the brush pile.

It's lonely without you and I miss you terribly, but you're in a better place now.

Till we meet again to walk across the bridge together...




2001 to 2007

This brave and loving boy dog came to us from the hands and heart of Judy Marion in January of 2002. From that moment until his last, he was a warm and loyal soul who helped us understand the depths of love and the joys in the simple things life can offer. He asked for so very little and gave all of us so much.

He loved to swim so much we took to calling him a "rottador retriever" for his love of the pool and Chesapeake Bay. My wife and I spend a lot of time at home, and I work from home more than not, so Austin proved to be a great listener, writing partner, jogging buddy, music lover and sometimes even an XBOX fan.

Being a rescue, we didn't know where Austin came from, but we know he's off in another life now, helping people, as he helped us. When it hurts, I think about life with him rather than life without him. It's better that way. He let me be a boy again, and he taught me something about being a man too.


1997 to 2007

Brittany was our second rottweiler adopted from NOVA. She was sort of like the unexpected pregnancy. We fostered her & her brother after they fell off an apartment complex balcony & broke their feet. Brittany was comical and loving. Brit had many nicknames, from "Big Head" to "The Flying Nun."

Our funniest memory of Brittany was when her one mommy would take her to a neighborhood doggie playgroup in a big field behind the community pool. Brittany would rather go exploring than romp & play with the other dogs. Well this one summer afternoon, while Mommy was socializing with her human playgroup friends, an announcement came over the loud speaker from the pool, "There's a rottweiler in the pool area!" Yep, Brittany had gone to explore the community pool, where you USUALLY need a pool pass to enter!

Britty, our big goofy girl, you will be missed terribly!

Chris & Carole


October 13, 2006 - May 10, 2007

The hardest thing for me to do, was realize I had to say goodbye to you. Your pain is gone, you can run and play, I will miss you until we meet again some day...


August 1995 - September 2006

Jodie was one of our first foster pups when we first started volunteering for NOVA Rottie Rescue. There was an immediate connection with the 3-month old pup and us, something that could not be ignored.

Jodie became our adoptee only a week after we started fostering her. From thereon she gave us unconditional love, loyalty & joy. From trips to the beach to advanced obedience training classes, Jodie was our special girl. She made many lifetime friends at the neighborhood dog park.

Jodie will be devastatingly missed!

Carole Powers & Chris Biscardi

Cher Bear Yarrow

October 1994 - February 10, 2006

Cher was an unexpected "pregnancy" in our family. We went to the pet shop to pick up food for our dog and fell in love with her. She was the only pup left in the crate and was tired and just wanted some love. Mom was NOT going to get another dog, we'd always been a one dog family and she was dead set on keeping it that way. WRONG! Judy brought Cher over to the house and mom just fell in love. Cher was living proof of why old people shouldn't have babies, everything that mom said would NEVER happen happened. Cher didn't spend much time at all sleeping on the floor, she soon joined mom and dad in their bed and deep in their hearts. Though her life started off horrible before Judy saved her, the rest of her life was nothing less than pure love. Cher was mom's baby and she knew it. Yes she had her family, her sister (me), her brother (my older brother), her dad and her uncle (my best friend), she had NO issues letting us know her mom was her favorite person in the whole world. In 1997 Cher lost her sister (our first dog) and in 2002 gained a beagle brother and dominated both of them the whole time she was in their lives. From sitting on toys to upsetting her puppy brother to knocking Midnight down the stairs only to help us find a tick (which I thought was a bump from the fall), Cher has been the highlight of our lives since first entering. Even through all the medical bills and jokes about the cost of her medical treatment could have sent her through college, we don't regret one moment of our time with Cher. The loss of Cher this past February was unexpected and is felt throughout the house every night. Mom made Cher promise that they would die together so needless to say, Mom is desperately lost without her.

We'll always love you baby girl, you've a place in every body's heart that you ever touched. You've given us all so much, from black eyes (3 of them with your rope toy) to sheer joy to pure sadness in your loss.

We'll see you in heaven our lil' puppy.

Love Your family: Mommy, Daddy, John, Tricia and Barnaby Frederick Jones


Passed on March 26, 2006

Robert Shipley and his beloved friend, Major.

Major was euthanized due to multiple health problems in 1995 and Bob joined him October 10, 2005. Both are deeply missed by family and friends, and we hope they are reunited in eternal freedom from pain.


Unknown to November 20, 2005

River was rescued from hurricane Katrina. He went without food or water for about two weeks. River made it for two more months but due to the contaminated waters of New Orleans where he was found, combined with severe Heartworm infestation he lost his life. River died November 20th, 2005. We will miss this gentle, sweet boy very much. He was only two years old.

Fly high with bright silver wings and know we loved you.


1998 to 2005

Thor came into our lives about 5 years ago at the age of 2. We had contacted Rottweiler rescue who put us in contact with a lady who was looking for a home for a dog she had rescued. She had a stroke and could not take care of him anymore. We went to visit him, even though we were looking for a puppy rottie, and instantly fell in love with him. He was so happy and obviously very well taken care of by his then family. We took him into our home and he could not have been loved more. We are very fortunate to have two homes, one in the city and one in the country. Our animals got the best of both worlds. Thor got to go on rides frequently, loved to chase his brother, play with his bucket (a toy given to us by his previous family) and run.

In 2004, we took him to the vets because he had been favoring one of his front legs. Our whole world turned upside down when the doctor told us he had cancer. We went to a second doctor shortly after because he had a tumor appear on his neck. We were told that the cancer was spreading and they did not believe he would make it more than a month. This was another devastating blow. With no rhyme or reason, the tumor on his neck miraculously disappeared. The doctors could not explain why. Defying all odds, Thor stayed with us for another 10 months. He seemed more energetic and his appetite was somewhat normal.

After a few good months, the pain seemed to get worse. We took him back to the vets, he suggested amputation. We knew it was not a cure but instead a pain reliever. After much contemplation, we took the suggestion. It was a difficult choice but 3 days after the surgery, we knew we made the right decision. His appetite was back and I don't think he was aware that he had only 3 legs. He seemed so happy. The happiness for all of us was short lived as the cancer started taking its toll on Thor. He became restless and stopped eating. The decision we had been dreading since we first got Thor's diagnosis, had to be made.

With heavy hearts, we knew it was time to let Thor go to a place where he could run and play again without any pain. He is deeply missed by his humans as well as by his brother Conan (shepherd) and his sister Kaia(cat).


1996 to 2005



2001 to 2009

With love until we meet again.

The Thomas Family


JUL 6, 1999 to FEB 19, 2005

Walker Texas Ranger

I brought you home on Easter Sunday 2001, what a great Easter present!! You didn’t quite fit in my Easter basket though! I waited so long to find you and loved you with all my heart from the moment I saw you. God Bless NVRRL for bringing you into my life. We just didn’t have nearly enough time together. I took you everywhere you were allowed to go and was so proud you were mine. I miss your smiling face, your conversational way and your unconditional love. I look at your favorite chair and swear I still see you there.

My heart broke into many pieces on February 19, 2005 when I had to let you go. I know you’re in a better place now and I know you passed over the Rainbow Bridge with love in your heart for me as you enjoyed those last belly rubs as your head lay in my arms. There’s no more pain and suffering for you, my sweet boy, just joy and a lifetime of running, jumping and playing with your other K-9 friends.

My heart will never be whole again. I miss you each and every day.

Remembering you always...



Amber Loves Walker


AUG 19, 2003 to NOV 30, 2004


We brought you home at Christmas time, so excited about the newest member of our family. We showed you off to everyone and took you everywhere we went. You grew into a beautiful lady and we were so proud to call you ours. We're so grateful that we had that one Christmas, that one vacation at the beach, but we wish that we had been blessed with more time. You were taken from us so suddenly that at first we couldn't believe it was real. Even now, after months have passed, we still wonder if we will ever heal. The void in this family will never be filled. We miss you, Rippey-Doodle.

Love, Mom, Dad, Amie, Amber,

Brutus, Hannah, and Brandy


OCT 28, 1994 to NOV 23, 2003


Alexis came to me in may of '95. She was full of life and happy, a great rescue! She joined the other rotties in my home and loved them all. She became a well loved dog to all she met. She was a demo dog at o.b. classes I tought. She never left her stays when she layed in the ring and waited to do a demo. She went to shows, got an AKC #, earned her canine good citizen, passed the temperment test, and almost finished a companion dog title, but then time ran out. She went to many rare breed dog shows with the other dogs I had, even after she lost her rottie companion. She loved to travel, camp, and shop for herself at Petsmart. She was happy, loved, and truly missed, but I know she passed over the rainbow bridge to join her other owner and her K-9 family. She is a NoVA Rottie that will never be forgotten.

We love you always and forever,

Mom (Linda)


LATE JULY, 2004 to EARLY SEPT, 2004

In loving memory of the 3 puppies from Ohio that had such a short time to experience love and compassion. Despite the hard work from the very skilled people at Negola's Ark, and the loving care from Nova Rottweiler Rescue, they went to the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace little ones, we all loved you very much.


Unknown date, 2000 to AUG 31, 2004

Whitney was adopted from NoVA Rottweiler Rescue about 4 years ago. It's with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I tell you, that I had to put my best friend to sleep last night. After much testing, and finally exploratory surgery, she was diagnosed with intestinal Cancer, it was so advanced, that her Doctors advised euthanasia. I was with her in the end.

Whitney was my joy, she was with me through so much in the 4.5 years we were together. She always had a smile on her beautiful, full of expression face. She listened to me when I would talk, sometimes she would talk back, especially if you weren't paying attention. Whitney loved the rivers, creeks and swimming pools, she didn't necessarily swim, she more liked splashed the water with her front paws and bit at it with her mouth, but it all was a good time to her. She loved going for rides in the truck, she loved Pet Smart (her favorite store) and believe it or not she didn't mind going to the Vet--she knew the routine--wait in the outer office--when they called her name--she walked thru the door, jumped on the scale, and waited in the other office for the Vet to visit her, then after she'd get a treat and go home--Whitney was my best friend, unconditional in every way--I will miss her, she will be forever in my heart.........Monika Grove.


AUG 23, 1997 to MAR 8, 2004

AKC #WP809674/06

SIRE - Cronin's Mad Max ~ Dam - DA's Sophies Choice

Pure German, born British Columbia, 10th Generation Royal Canadian Mounted Police,

bred for great strength, agility, & height.

Certificate's: Puppy Kindergarten - Dog School of Leesburg - April 25, 1998; Dog Obedience - NOVA CC - June 12, 1998; AKC Canine Good Citizen Test - Tri-State K-9 - August 15, 1999

Best Friends: Janzeic - White German Shepard; Einstein - Mix Sheltie Beagle; King - Small Yorkie; Diamond - Belgin Shepard

Our little boy loved his daily walks on the bike path and chasing the ground hogs. He loved our trips to Tennessee where he ran with the horse's and played with the other dogs. He was so sweet to all the little children in the neighborhood and gave them a big kiss when they met. He would remind us every night when it was time for his Frosty Paws and then he would want to settle in with his Kong. He was the smartest, sweetest, most devoted dog we ever had! Rotties just want to be loved and treated with respect!

We Love You and Miss You Grizzley!!!!!! Never to be forgotten!!!!!!

Chuck & Sue Akard