A heart wrenching story about a precious Angel named Fozzie Bear who died due to the conditions he was born under. At a very tiny age of barely 17 weeks, he never had the chance to chase a butterfly or even feel grass under his feet. He only knew love, human touch and kindness from his wonderful human mom, Deb, for a few days after he was rescued. Fozzie Bear was a Puppy Mill puppy, born to a mom who is used only to breed for profit. Any type of medical attention to these "prisoners of greed" is very rare and usually non existent. Many die slow and painful deaths from untreated illness's or injuries.

This is an important message I must get out. It must be known and action needs to be taken ... and after viewing Fozzie's Story please, go to any search engine and type in "puppy mills" or "Amish puppy mills" since the most Amish are millers and the producers of pet store puppies across the US but mainly in the well known Amish community in Lancaster, PA. The results to any search of puppy mills are staggering and the information invaluable. But be prepared. Most sites get down to the severe reality of what these precious Angels must endure in their pitiful lives. But the truth must be told and the truth is not always nice. If we try to make the truth nice, it ceases to be the truth.

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